HOTC Dog Fair 2015
Monte Sano State Park - September 26, 2015

Parade Of Breeds

2013 Public Participation

The Parade of Breeds allows individuals of all ages to show off their dogs, whether they're AKC Champions or an intriguing mix of several different breeds.   Lasting all day, the Parade of Breeds is divided into groups, so if you'd like to exhibit your dog, be sure and check out the schedule.   On-line sign up is encouraged.

Although the Parade of Breeds is organized around AKC breed groups, some of our pets may not be AKC registered breeds.   This year, the Unique Breeds Group provides an opportunity for individuals with breeds recognized by other registeries to introduce their dogs to the public. If you don't find your breed in the breed selection menu, please Contact Us  If your pet is an All American Dog and doesn't fit into any of the other Parade of Breed sessions, sign it up in the Mixed Breed Group.

This year we have a Parade of Adoptable Dogs group for dogs who have been brought to the Fair by local shelters and rescue organizations.  If you're interested in opening your heart and home to a new companion, be sure and check it out.

Interested in learning about a specific breed?  You can meet many of them here following their exhibition in the Parade of Breeds.

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You can signup by visiting the Parade of Breeds tent 30 minutes before your group shows. Sorry, it's too late to signup online.
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